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Welcome to the Swedish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club.
The Swedish Cavalier club was founded in 1972. From the start we took the name ”Cavaliersällskapet”. Some years later, when we got recognition as an official breed club, we got the more solemn name ”Specialklubben för Cavalier King Charles Spaniel”, shortened SCKCS. Today both names are used.

Our goals
The main goals for the club, are to support the breed, give advice in breeding questions and generally support our members in every way we can.
RAS 2016 English version (pdf)

What we do
SCKCS arranges several shows every year, CC shows from north to south where we often invite breed specialists to judge. We also have some open shows every year.

The club has six area representatives from all over the country. Their role is to keep contact with the members and organise various activities for them. These activities range from dog walks to courses in many interesting areas.

Here are some links to the areas of the site we think you might be interested in. The pages are in Swedish.

Foreign members must contact SKK by e-mail or phone +46 8 795 30 50 to become a member or change contact details.

Any questions or comments about the site, please feel free to contact us:
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Do you have questions about the breed or the club? Please feel free to contact SCKCS’ chairman.
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